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John Bell enlisted in the Air Force out of high school because he believes in fighting for what is right. As your Delegate, John has continued to stand up to extreme politicians in Richmond, and worked with Democrats and Republicans to put your values first. He has always stood for expanding access to health care and protecting women's rights. As a veteran and a father, he knows we need responsible gun safety laws to keep our children safe at school. And as a fiscally responsible Delegate, John believes the government should respect your tax dollars. John will never stop fighting for your values and priorities because it's the right thing to do.


John thinks everyone should be able to see a doctor.

John has always supported expanding access to healthcare. That way, more people can get the care they need, including veterans and families who are working two or three jobs. As the father of a son recovering from addiction, fighting the opioid epidemic is a personal priority for John. John knows there are thousands of people in our area without health insurance. These are our neighbors, our colleagues, and our friends. And John knows it's not right.

He knows if more people get insurance, more people can get treatment and support. If more people see a doctor, they will spend less time in the emergency room or hospital. That will lower your premiums and save your family thousands of dollars. John has helped cut millions of dollars in waste from state government, which helps us focus on our priorities and values.


John understands that women are not always treated fairly.

John is determined to fight for a tougher equal pay for equal work law in Virginia. John was raised by a single mother and is the proud father of two daughters and two granddaughters. He knows women are still not treated equally and are often disrespected. As our Delegate, he will work to enforce current equal pay laws and strengthen these laws by making penalties tougher. John will always fight for what is right.

John also believes women should be respected and able to make their own healthcare decisions. He voted against defunding Planned Parenthood and against closing health clinics. He has always and will always support a woman's right to choose and guaranteed access to birth control.


John knows families are worried about their children's safety.

As a veteran who has carried a gun in combat zones, John recognizes dangerous weapons aren't toys. That's why John had the conviction to fight against a bill making it easier to buy bazookas, hand grenades and flamethrowers.

John strongly believes in responsible gun safety reforms and will never put your children in jeopardy by allowing guns on school campuses. John fully supports common sense gun laws like background checks on all gun purchases.


Education is more than a talking point for John.

With five children and three school-age grandchildren of his own, John knows firsthand how important it is for our children to get a quality education. He believes every child deserves access to good public schools, and will work to put resources in our classrooms where they can do the most good. John believes a good education at an early age is the foundation of a good future, and he won't stop until every school in our area has full-day kindergarten. John knows we send more tax dollars to Richmond than any other region, but our schools still don't have the funding they need to fully support our students. John will work to bring more of our money back to Northern Virginia so our children can experience the world-class education they deserve.

John was the first person in his family to graduate from a four-year college. He served in the U.S. Air Force while attending college at night. It wasn't easy, but the GI Bill helped him achieve his dream in return for his service. This experience has inspired John to make it easier for more people to go to college. That's why he is working to find a state solution to the college debt crisis by forgiving some student loan debt in exchange for community service. Too many students are being crushed under the weight of student loans, and John is committed to finding workable solutions.


John looks for ways to cut waste in order to focus on our priorities. 

John served in the Air Force for 26 years and became a budget-cutting expert, protecting our country and eliminating millions of dollars in waste to save taxpayers money. As Delegate, he will continue to cut government waste so we can focus on our priorities like schools and our quality of life.


John recognizes the tolls on the Dulles Greenway are too high.

John believes a possible permanent solution is buying back the road from its current corporate owners. This corporation continues to raise our tolls to increase their profits. If the state buys it back, this could bring real relief to our families at no cost to taxpayers. This means paying less for your daily commute.